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Our Allotment.

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We will show you how we get on with the allotment we have just acquired in our local town of Trowbridge, from the start of February 2018. We will take you through every step from preparing the ground for planting to harvesting the produce through out the year

Our new allotment

Day 1

We have just be allocated our first allotment and on this web page we will be showing thorough out the year all thats goes on.

So day 1 we have taken a good look at it and now to decide how to progress.

First job will be to get the rotovator over the ground.

Also to cut the grass paths both sides of the plot.

First Job

First job to rotovate the ground and removing all of the grass sods. This is a long job as after taking our rotovater over the ground we have had to hand weed

After approx. 4 hours about 25% of the planting area is seed/plant ready


All work has stopped on the allotment "rain stops play" but "snow stops gardening"

Went to the allotment to finish the digging and after 4 hours, success. Finished the main part of the allotment. 

I could not have done it with out the "Honda FJ500DE tiller"

You have got to say it's looking good, so now for the sowing of seed and planting the veg plants.

Sorry for no entries lately but with are so busy at the moment with grass cutting will try to put up something shortly