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Garden Services

Lawn maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Regular Garden Maintenance

This includes pruning, weeding and mowing on a weekly or fortnightly basis. We make sure all your garden tasks are completed at the right time of year leaving a properly tended garden for you to enjoy.

Garden Overhaul

If your garden has developed into a little jungle or needs TLC we will restoratively prune overgrown shrubs or move and divide plants that have outgrown their space and advise on replanting.

A transformation without the need for hard landscaping!

Our services cater for those looking for both regular garden maintenance and lawn care for those who simply need a gardener for a one-off job such as garden clearance, hedge trimming, pruning or lawn mowing.



There are several reasons why it is important to prune evergreen and deciduous shrubs and fruit trees.

If a plant becomes a tangle of overgrown branches it is more likely to succumb to pests and diseases, and will become less vigorous, resulting in a poor display of flowers or fruit.

Cutting back regularly also helps to maintain an attractive shape and prevents plants from suffocating more compact neighbours, such as flowering perennials.

In small gardens, where space is at a premium, pruning is also necessarily to keep the plant within bounds.

Tree maintenance
Tree maintenance

Hedge Trimming

Hedge cutting
Hedge cutting
Hedge maintenance
Hedge reduction
Hedge reduction
Hedge reduction

Leaf Clearing

We have the equipment to clear your falling leaves quickly and efficiently 

Leaf collection

Weed Control

We offer a premier weed control service for all our customers to include:

  • Hand weeding
  • Spraying
  • Mulching of flower beds

We are fully licensed to spray total and selective weedkillers -  license can be shown on request. 

It is very important that anybody using pesticides commercially are fully licensed to do so.

City & Guilds Level 2 Award in Safe Application of Pesticides using Pedestrian Handheld Equipment PA1, PA6 & PA6AW

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