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Grass Maintenance

striped lawn

Who has the time to keep a perfectly trimmed lawn these days?


If you never seem to find the time to take care of your lawn then you are on the right spot! All you need to do is to call us right away. Lawn mowing weekly/fortnightly or total lawn care are easy when you let us handle the work.


We offer a premier grass cutting services for all our customers to include:

  • Weekly Cuts
  • Fortnightly Cuts
  • Lawn maintenance

We have invested in only the very best equipment to ensure that we can handle any task presented to us, which will give you peace of mind knowing you are in good hands.

Lawn Cutting
Striped Lawn
Country Garden Lawn

Grass cutting and trimming to fertilizing and feeding, we are the trusted company which has built a solid reputation for expertly and safely maintaining lawns.

  • Lawn Mowing – Lawn mowing weekly/fortnightly or total lawn care are easy when you let us handle the work.
  • Edging – Lawn edges make the grass look so much neater.
  • Scarification – If necessary, your lawn will be carefully scarified to promote healthy growth of the grass.
  • Lawn Feeding – Fertilising the soil correctly is vital and you can fully rely on us for this task.
  • Weed & Moss Management - We can take a variety of anti-weed and moss measures which will help promote the growth of the grass.

Lawn Care - Edging, Fertilising, Scarifying, Weed killing & Mowing

Crossbar Herbicide
Lawn Maintenance

Crossbar Selective Herbicide

Crossbar is a an emulsifiable concentrate formulation containing 285 g/l 2,4-D, 52.5 g/l dicamba and 105 g/l fluroxypyr

Crossbar is safe to grass and controls a wide range of broad-leaved weeds including many difficult to kill weeds such as speedwells, clover, daisy, dandelion in amenity turf grass and lawns. Low application rate and odour ideal for use by professionals in lawn care, golf courses, football pitches or other amenity grassland.

Raking or scarifying your lawn whether it be for thatch or moss, is in the l​ong term an extremely beneficial procedure but in the short term it can look a mess. Though it will recover and be better than ever.

Scarification is a very important lawn operation. A scarified is a powerful machine that removes the thatch layer, organic matter and debris between the lower leaf level of the lawn. It’s not designed to remove all the moss from the lawn. However, scarifying will remove moss to a certain extent. But to use a machine solely with the intention of fully removing all the moss may cause unavoidable damage to your lawn.

Moss loves the wet environment provided by thatch during the winter months. Once the moss has taken hold it is almost too late, by regularly scarifying a lawn you will make the environment less attractive for the moss in the first place.

Spring time onwards is the best time to have your lawn scarified as the lawn will recover much more quickly when it starts to grow. Autumn is also acceptable as the lawn will still grow at a quick enough rate to fully recover

Lawn Scarifying


Scarifying lawn to remove moss


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