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Spring Lawn Treatments

Spring Lawn Fertilizer - Starts from £20.50 per treatment. 

We use the following spring Fertilizer Fine Turf SS2 Fertilizer (14:2:7 +1%Mg) is a 2:1 nitrogen to potash ratio fertilizer with a low sulphur formulation giving precise control over nutrient inputs and dependable nutrient release.

Fine Turf SS2 is a spring/summer fertilizer with a low sulphur formulation. As part of the Fine Turf range, it is the ideal choice for turf managers who prefer having precise control over nutrient inputs. The quick release of nutrients and rapid green up from the 1-2mm sized mini granules is perfect for all fine turf

Who has the time to keep a 

perfectly trimmed lawn these days? 

If you never seem to find the time to take care of your lawn then you are on the right spot! All you need to do is to call us right away. Lawn mowing weekly/fortnightly or total lawn care are easy when you let us handle the work. 

The friendly, reliable professionals use the most up-to-date equipment and techniques available to keep your lawn in beautiful and healthy condition.

Whether you require a one off trimming of the grass or a thorough fertilization of the soil and full lawn care. 

From cutting and trimming to fertilizing and feeding, we are the trusted company which has built a solid reputation for expertly and safely maintaining lawns.

  • Lawn MowingLawn mowing weekly/fortnightly or total lawn care are easy when you let us handle the work. 
  • Edging – Lawn edges make the grass look so much neater.
  • Top Dressing – In case the grass of your lawn is growing unevenly, we can enrich the soil with the right fertilising and a top dressing to fix the issue.
  • Scarification – If necessary, your lawn will be carefully scarified to promote healthy growth of the grass.
  • Lawn Feeding – Fertilising the soil correctly is vital and you can fully rely on us for this task. 
  • Weed & Moss Management - We can take a variety of anti-weed and moss measures which will help promote the growth of the grass.

Request a free quotation by using our self appointment booking system and choose a date and time that suit you!

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