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Terms & Conditions of Business

  1. All work undertaken by A J Shearing Garden Service is done so in with the terms and conditions set out below. By requesting A J Shearing Garden Service to undertake any work the customer is deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may change in line with business requirements, a full up to date copy can be requested, additions and/or alterations to the contract shall be properly treated as variations and subject to written instructions and additional payments may be required to cover the agreed changes.
  2. There is a minimum charge of £50 per visit ( 2 gardeners ) and covers up to 1 hours labour or unless otherwise agreed.
  3. The estimate/original price for work includes all labour but may exclude some equipment where extra charges may be incurred. See section 26 for extra equipment charges unless included in the written quotation
  4. Cancellation of booked work - A J Shearing Garden Service will charge the full cost quoted or for hours booked of any job that is cancelled within 5 working days of the booked time and date .
  5. No Access this includes locked/bolted gates or passageways blocked by cars or any other item. A J Shearing Garden Service will still charge the full cost of accepted quote or for time booked for a failed visit due to no access this is to cover costs such as loss of business, travelling time, insurance, fuel, equipment including company vehicle wear and tear etc.
  6. Travelling time will be charged to all clients more than 5 mile from our base at a rate of £1 per minute unless agreed otherwise.
  7. All materials are property off A J Shearing Garden Service until paid for in full.
  8. The client shall provide water and electricity at no charge to A J Shearing Garden Services if required.
  9. The client shall provide access to site and dry storage space for materials at all times during the works progress and during A J Shearing Garden Services working hours. Our working hours during the summer months are typically between 09:00am - 17:30pm and winter months between 09:00am - 16:00pm this will include our traveling time unless otherwise agreed.
  10. A J Shearing Garden Services is not able to accept responsibility for any damage to (or cost involved with) any underground hazards, obstructions or services not made known to us in writing or apparent on visual inspection.
  11. A J Shearing Garden Services accepts no responsibility for accidental breakages arising from their work. Any reparation payment or works that may be made is solely at the discretion of A J Shearing Garden Services and admits no fault or liability.
  12. Damage caused to property due to stones and other items left in the lawn or area of work: A J Shearing Garden Services cannot be held responsible for damage caused by small stones and other items left in the clients’ lawn or area of work. While we try to take every care around pebbled/landscaped areas, the client is responsible for ensuring stones aren’t in the lawns.
  13. Garden Furniture, toys etc – A J Shearing Garden Services cannot be help responsible for any breakages to garden items needing moving in order to complete our work. Every care will be taken whilst moving items, but sometimes accidents can happen
  14. It is very important and the sole responsibility of the Client to ensure we are made aware of any special/statutory bylaws/conditions/permissions that may be involved.
  15. Health & Safety Due to Contamination of Dog Excrement or other contaminants   It is the responsibility of the client to keep the site clean of dog excrement and/or other contaminants.
  16. If dog excrement other contaminants are found work will stop and not resume until the contaminate is removed by the client.
  17. If A J Shearing Garden Services has to leave the site due to the non-removal of the contaminate so unable to complete the work the client will be charged for the full cost of the agreed visit/job.
  18. If equipment needs cleaning due to contamination of above the client will be charged at a cost of £30.00 per piece of equipment that requires de-contamination this includes clothing.
  19. Weather conditions, including drought, may cause the delay of visits but this will not affect the original agreed price.
  20. If we are unable to attend a regular garden maintenance booked appointment due to weather conditions the next visit will be on the scheduled date and for a non-regular job will be re-scheduled on the next available date.
  21. When maintaining hedges the specified price is to remove the last 6 months growth, reduction work will be quoted separately by us. We will carry out hedge trimming where possible, outside the bird nesting season March-July inclusive. If we find an occupied birds nest whilst hedge trimming work will cease and the client will be informed. Work will re-commence as soon as possible after the area becomes un-occupied.
  22. Grass Cutting – Prior to commencement of Grass Cutting the client must remove obstacles (plus ref to section 13) from the area to be cut. If obstacles remain that cannot be moved we will cut as close as possible to those items. A J Shearing Garden Services will not be held responsible for any strimmer damage to wooden/plastic items not moved or grass clumping due to damp weather conditions where grass arisings remain on site and uncollected.
  23. Grass Collection – Where grass cuttings are to be collected, we will ensure care is taken to remove cuttings and leave a clean finish. A J Shearing Garden Services will not be held responsible for minor clumping and small amounts of grass remaining.
  24. Strimming – We will ensure the grass is cut to the height of the surrounding area and will ensure that arisings are mechanically blown off paths.
  25. Grass Contamination – A J Shearing Garden Services will take reasonable care to ensure minimum contamination of the surrounding area, obstructions with grass arisings, but will not be held responsible for grass contamination.
  26. Extra Charges of equipment : Large Chipper £50 per day or part of : Powered Leaf Vacuum £55.00 per day or part of : Rotovator £50 per day or part of : No charge for Lawn Mowers, Hedge Trimmers, Strimmers, small chipper and all small power tools these are included in our price given in quotation or hourly maintenance charge.
  27. Damage to our equipment by unseen objects we are not informed about - The customer will be charged and is responsible for the full repair/replacement cost if any damage is caused by any unseen object to any of our equipment. For example - stones or metal object in the grass which damages the mower or wire in a hedge/bush that damages the hedge cutter.
  28. Pesticides – A J Shearing Garden Services will ensure that pesticide application is carried out when weather conditions are suitable. Spraying will be carried out by fully qualified NPTC operator, and in compliance with all statutory requirements. Weather depending, we will carry out spraying when programmed. The application of any treatment will be made during appropriate weather conditions and the licensed operator has the final say if spraying is to be carried out.
  29. A J Shearing Garden Services reserve the right to charge for the visit in full if the site is not safe to work on the date of a scheduled visit (this includes section 15 above). If access to the site is prevented on the date of a scheduled visit or if less than 5 days notice is given. A J Shearing Garden Services reserves the right to charge for the visit in full or as mentioned in section (4) above.
  30. We understand and will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms.
  31. Sourcing and Purchase of Plants - Please note that if the client request A J Shearing Garden Services to source and purchase items/plants we charge for time sourcing items and travelling time from our office to the place of supply at our standard hourly rate for the time incurred. All plants and other item to be purchased by A J Shearing Garden Service for the client are to be paid in advance of their requirement.
  32. Payment terms are on completion of work or if agreed within 7 days of invoice date. Any outstanding monies due by the time that reschedule work is due may result in the next visit been cancelled and still may be charged for. Payment methods are debit card, credit card or by BACS Bank account number is quoted on our invoice 
  33. For certain/larger jobs a 50% deposit is required before work begins and is not refundable.
  34. A J Shearing Garden Services reserves the rights to use any drawings, photographs or plans produced/taken by us for any future publications or displays whilst ensuring the anonymity of the client.
  35. A J Shearing Garden Services do not remove green waste we recommend the client has a green bin or an area for composting
We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.
Published date 02/12/22
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